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The Little Chute Area School District follows a Curriculum Development & Renewal Process when reviewing and revising curriculum in all areas.  District Staff & Administrators use this process as a systematic way to consider a variety of factors, issues and components in the Teaching and Learning Framework.

This process is used to evaluate, renew and design existing curriculum.  The process integrates analysis of best practice, student achievement results, feedback from stakeholders, and committee collaboration.  Each phase of this process is key to the success of the overall Curriculum Development and Renewal Process.  The process relies on significant input from stakeholders throughout the entire process.

Process goals include:

  • Maintaining a research based curriculum that provides teachers and students with the most up to date curriculum.
  • Analyzing current practices for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Infusing technology into the teaching and learning framework.
  • Embedding literacy into each curriculum area.

This process deploys a five step cyclical and systematic process to ensure high quality District programs.  A systematic curriculum renewal and design process contributes to the successful implementation of District programs through planned, reflective and data driven change and innovation.

During this process curriculum teams (that include Little Chute Area School District administrators and teachers) are created.  Each curriculum area falls along a five step continuum that includes:  Program Evaluation, Development, Implementation, Analysis and Revision. Curricular areas minimally experience each phase during the five year rotation.  However, internal and external forces, changes and inputs can accelerate or decelerate the process.

Curriculum development and renewal provides focus to each content area during the journey of the process. This process guides the authoring of a world class curriculum, instruction and assessment program for each content area.  Through the process, teams design future action plans including resources, budget details, and professional development, while also reviewing instructional data to guide program evaluation.

With this focus on student learning, our district has created a web-based curriculum program that is available to all audiences via the district's website. Using the Build Your Own Curriculum Software, our teachers have created curriculum that identifies courses, units, topics, and key concepts. The key concepts for each topic are aligned to local and state academic standards. We encourage all visitors to this site to browse this information and obtain an understanding of the curriculum being offered to our students.

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Link to 7-12 Curriculum Development & Renewal Schedule


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