The Little Chute Area School District Educational Enrichment Fund was established with support from Crystal Print, Inc. to provide a means for Little Chute Public Schools, individuals, and businesses to work together to help achieve their potential through the private funding of scholarships and innovative projects and programs not included in the District's operating budget.


Make a Difference Now-

and Provide a Gift that Lasts Forever

Through Scholarships and Special Programs

  • Scholarship Award

One scholarship for $1000.00 will be offered each school year to a graduating senior of Little Chute High School or Little Chute Career Pathways Academy. The successful student will have demonstrated community service, outstanding effort and dedication to achieve. Grades are not a factor – effort is. The scholarship criterion is based heavily on financial need and must be used to help cover the cost of post-secondary education.

  • Special Programs Award -Targeted Funding Areas

Qualifying programs are proposed by teachers, administrators and staff in the District and are evaluated in a competitive review process. It is the District’s intent to enhance the breadth, depth and quality of the educational experience for children in the Little Chute Area School District. 

The Fund only supports projects and programs that are not typically funded by the District’s annual operating budget.

Specific funding priorities for the Foundation include but are not limited to:

•    Program Innovation – Creative educational opportunities for student and teachers
•    Enrichment Programs – Activities that extend and enhance the core curriculum, benefiting students at all levels
•    Recognition of Quality Work – Reward outstanding achievements by students, teachers and programs
•    Technology & Learning – Projects and programs designed to promote and maintain the use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning
•    Business, Civic & Community Involvement – Promote interaction of business, civic and community members with students and educators in our schools

How are Grants Awarded?

Two members from each building leadership team along with the District Administrator, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and the Director of Pupil Services will determine Grants awarded. They are looking for proposals that would not be funded through normal school budgets and ~

•    Expand our learners' educational horizons
•    Demonstrate educational innovation
•    Promote original, creative ideas
•    Have measurable indicators of success
•    Achieve excellence
•    Address one or more academic standards set by LCASD




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