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Little Chute Area School District - School Report Card Information

On November 17, 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction (DPI) issued the 2015-2016 School Report Card for our schools and for every district and school in Wisconsin. The School Report Card, using multiple measures of student learning, provides valuable guidance on how our school is doing and where it can improve. The report cards help all Wisconsin public schools get a better picture of how well they help children learn, advance to the next grade, and graduate ready for college and career.

On the School Report Card, each public school earns a "score", called an accountability index score, from 0 to 100.  The accountability index score that our school received is based on our performance in four priority areas:

  • Student achievement in reading and mathematics on state assessments
  • Student growth, measured by year-to-year improvements in achievement
  • Closing gaps in performance between specific student groups (comparing English language learners, low-income students. students with disabilities, and members of racial or ethnic groups with their peers)
  • On-track and postsecondary readiness, using reliable predictors of high school graduation and postsecondary success, whether college or career
Based on our school's score, we are placed into one of five categories, from Significantly Exceeds Expectations to Fails to Meet Expectations.
It' s important to note that the 0 to 100 accountability index score is not a " percent correct " measurement. Instead, in combination with other school data, the accountability index score will help our school staff determine what areas we do well in and where we need improvement. The goal is to help every student in our school succeed, graduate, and be ready to pursue further education and a career.
The 2015-2016 School Report Cards for the Little Chute Area School District meet state expectations.  We have a lot to be proud of. We also understand that there are areas where we can do better.  As a staff, as parents, and as a community, we need to continue our focus on the mission of providing a quality education for every student and supporting the vision of fostering a communit y of learners. Together, we can make a difference for every child!
I am confident the School Report Card, as well as the many other changes being implemented in our schools, will help the district identify strengths and promptly move to address any challenges.  Please let me know your thoughts and questions on the School Report Card as they arise.
I look forward to working with you to make 2016-17 a successful year for your child!
David M. Botz
District Administrator

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