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4K Teacher
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A little about myself...

Hello!  I recently bought a home in Appleton with my three amazing kids! My daughter, Maci, is in eigth grade, my son, Grant, is in fifth grade, and my youngest son, Crue, is beginning 3K!   My older two children are fortunate to be students at LCES.  I have taught both kindergarten and preschool in the fifteen years I have been teaching in Little Chute. I graduated from UW- Oshkosh in 2001 and completed my master's degree in 2003. Teaching the very young is an absolute joy to me!  I look so forward to working with your family.
Strong relationships with families is very important to me and I hope to always make you feel a very valued part of your child’s education.  Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or contact me throughout the school year.  I am here for you and your child and look forward to working with your family.   I am available in person, via email, or by phone call to school (788-7610 ext. 6115). Thank you so much for all of your support!


Typical Preschool Day


Arrival:  Children will line up at door #2. Please have kids here 5 minutes early so classes may start on time. Coverage will be at doors at 8:00 and 12:15. The kids will begin walking into the building in a line and find their coat hooks, empty their backpacks and give notes to their teachers.

Arrival/Attendance/Fine Motor Tubs: Kids will socialize and play floor toys until we are all settled in.

Intro To Our Day:  Circle/Helper Jobs (weather and calendar), sharing news and introduction to plan of the day

Art Project/Fine Motor Skills (Kids will transition into play time when work is done).

Social Time/ Play and Clean up

Story Time

Snack/Milk Break: The kids will transition into books/puzzle activities as they finish and wait for others to finish snack.  This is a relatively quiet, relaxing time.

Movement Breaks

Literacy/Journals/Drawings (2/3 days per week)

Outside Play (group game if raining)

10:50/3:05- Dismissal at door #2. Teachers will walk students out.  Please help your child learn the importance of waiting by the teacher until they see who is picking them up.  We teach them to say goodbye to us and show us their adult at pick up, so we know they are safe. Thank you!!!


Ms. Jasiak 

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