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    Tony Bird
Social Studies Dept.

In order to develop civic competence, students in the Little Chute Area School District will learn about the principles and ideals upon which the United States is founded and understand the world in which they live. Students will become producers and evaluators of knowledge rather than merely receptacles of information. Understandings of history, geography, economics, political science, and the behavioral sciences such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology are essential to a properly functioning individual and society. Students also need to become skilled in communication, research, technology, cooperation, and complex reasoning. In order to achieve these understandings and skills, the Little Chute Area School District has adopted the following content standards:

  1. Students will learn about geography through the study of the relationships among people, places, and environments.
  2. Students will learn about the history of Wisconsin, the United States, and the world, examining change and community over time in order to develop historical perspective, explain historical relationships, and analyze issues that affect the present and the future.
  3. Students will learn about political science and acquire the knowledge of political systems necessary for developing individual civic responsibility by studying the history and contemporary uses of power, authority, and governance.
  4. Students will learn about production, distribution, exchange, and consumption so that they can make informed economic decisions.
  5. Students will learn about the behavioral sciences by exploring concepts from the disciplines of sociology, the study of interactions among individuals, groups, and institutions; the discipline of psychology, the study of factors that influence individual identify and learning; and the discipline of anthropology, the study of cultures in various times and settings.
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