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School to Work

Please contact Mr. Mark Manske for School to Work related questions or issues at 788-7600 x7105

What is it?
For seniors who have a well defined career goal.
Allows students to work for part of their school day.
Worksite is at a business that matches the student's career goal.
Students get real life, hands-on experience in the career, which leads to more informed career decisions.

Where could I work?
Students work in a wide variety of jobs in businesses all over the Fox River Valley. Many of the businesses employ students every year. There are also new businesses added to the program every year. Please click on Employment Websites at the left top of the page to see a current list of business partners.

How do I apply?
To apply, use the application form or get an interview with Mr. Mark Manske by contacting his email or call 920-788-7600 x7105

I'm Hired, now what?
Secure Work Permit (if under 18 years of age) see Mr. Manske for more information.

Training Agreement: Youth Internship Program Training Agreement must be signed by student, parent, employer and Mr. Manske.

Drug Testing: Student must produce a clean drug test. Little Chute School District Drug Policy must be signed by student and parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses might employ me?
Many different types of businesses will employ students in this program. Some of the common types are: child care, mechanical contracting, plumbers, electrical contractors, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, cabinetry/woodworking companies, auto body shops, auto dealerships, machine shops, construction related companies, and heating/cooling companies.
How would I be matched with a job?
Students fill out an application to the Youth Internship Program where they list their career goal. The coordinator locates possible job openings at businesses that match the students' career goal as closely as possible. The coordinator will give the student the necessary information and the student is responsible for setting up an interview. The decision to hire is always the employers.
Am I guaranteed a job if I am found eligible to be in the YIP?
No. Job placement is always dependent on available jobs and the ability of the student to get hired. Typically, the more involved the student gets in the job search the more likely it is that the student will secure an appropriate job placement.
What happens if I get laid off in the middle of the school year?
The student is scheduled for classes in the next term unless a suitable replacement worksite can be found.
How long has there been a YIP at Little Chute High School?
There's been a YIP since the 1995-96 school year.
How many students have been involved in the YIP?
During the past 12 years there have been a total of about 450 students involved in the program. Many of those students stayed with their job placement beyond graduation. A significant amount of the students obtained apprenticeships after high school as a direct result of being in the YIP and have since completed those apprenticeships and are now working as journeyman plumbers, steamfitters, sheet metal fabricators etc.
Do college-bound student participate in the YIP?
Yes. Students who are planning to go to a four year university have participated in the YIP. Many times they will participate for only one block per day or for only two terms of the school year so that they are able to take all the college prep courses they need.
If I can't find a job within my stated career goal, is it okay to work anywhere-like at a fast food
Not usually. The goal of the program is really to give students experience with a specific career area. So allowing students to have release time from school to go to work at a job not connected with their career plan is not in line with the program. Those types of jobs are great after school or weekend jobs. The exception would be if a student is planning a career in food service or is in significant need of developing basic employability skills.
What if I don't like my job or my post-high school plans change?
If a student wants to leave a job before the end of the school year he/she should first talk to Mrs. Lohry and then prepare a letter of resignation. Mrs. Lohry will contact the employer and then the student will be expected to notify the employer in writing and by meeting personally with the employer. It is also expected that the student will finish the current term in good standing with the employer and be scheduled into classes for the next term.
Where can I get my other questions answered?
Ask Mr. Kevin Pratt. His office is room H102 you can email him at Kppratt@littlechute.k12.wi.us
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