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Non-Departmental Course Offerings

Career Skills
Provides an overview of the skills necessary for high school and future success. Through a variety of activities, students explore the following areas: Getting to know LCHS, study skills, technology, career exploration, and portfolio development focused on the LCASD Eight Learner Goals.

Grade: 9
Length: 1 term
Credit:  0.5
Course Fee: none
Prerequisite: none

Media Publication
Offers students and opportunity to produce high quality, visual publications. This process requires them to meet deadlines, become acquainted with the computer and have a general knowledge of graphic art areas that include photography, layout design, and writing text copy. This course focuses on team building skills that require students to do their share to ensure a quality publication. In doing so, all students are challenged by the multifaceted roles of Editor, Advertising Editor, Photography Editor, Finance Manager, Sports Editor, News Executive, and staff members in all the content areas. These skills are presented through the production of the ARCH Yearbook, The Mustang Corral newspaper, and several other media productions.

Grade: 11-12
Length: 2 terms
Credit: 1
Course Fee: None
Prerequisite: Desktop Publishing

An on-line educational program that allows students the opportunity for credit advancement or credit makeup in a self-paced environment.

Grade: 10-12
Length: 1-4 terms
Credit: 0.5/course
Course Fee: none
Prerequisite: Counselor and Principal Approval

Quality Leadership
Provides an environment where students learn about leadership skills and express what they learn freely. Once these skills are identified, each student will gain experience using the skills that will help them become more effective personally and socially. Students will acquire and refine these competencies: learning to learn, listening ability, oral communication, problem solving, creative thinking, self-esteem, goal setting, and organizational effectiveness.

Grade: 9-12
Length: 1 term
Credit: 0.5
Course Fee: None
Prerequisite: None

STRYPE A (Students Teaching Reaching Youth - Peer Education)
A course aimed at all students who would like to learn more about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The course will look in detail at the long term as well as short term effects of ATODA use in relation to the body, individual, family, and society as a whole. Students will learn strategies to saying no and standing up to the peer pressures they feel everyday. Students who would like to take STRYPE B are strongly encouraged to take this course first.

Grade: 9-12
Length: 1 term
Credit: 0.5
Course Fee: None
Prerequisite: Application Procedure & Instructor Approval

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