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    Jim Neubert
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Little Chute Elementary School (LCES) is a wonderful learning environment for children.  Our school provides educational services for students in four-year-old kindergarten through grade 4.  In addition, LCES provides early childhood special education programming beginning at three years of age.  Thanks to the support of our community, our school board, and our dedicated staff, the school building is a warm and welcoming place for children and families.  Various upgrades to LCES have resulted in additional learning space, a beautiful cafeteria, student resource areas, and a safe and secure learning environment.  Our technology ensures that we are producing 21st century learners who are able to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

LCES has high academic and behavior expectations for our students.  LCES was acknowledged as a school which exceeded state expectations during the 2013-2014 school year. We believe in a strong curriculum and a purposeful learning environment that challenges students to perform at a high level.  We are fortunate to have half-day four-year-old kindergarten (named "Be Four") and full-day kindergarten which provide early educational experiences and early intervention to young child.  LCES has an active literacy program to ensure that students meet established benchmarks in reading and written language.  In math, the District has adopted the Math Expressions resource in grades K-6.  LCES offers an integrated curriculum across subject areas and has specialized staff to teach music, art, physical education, library media skills, and computer skills.

LCES has a number of initiatives which focus of the use of data to drive instruction and to differentiate instruction for all students.  LCES has a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework which has created a school-wide schedule to efficiently utilize human resources and to provide small group instruction for students in need of remediation or enrichment.  Teachers utilize Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to ensure that instructional practices meet the needs of ALL students.  LCES also has comprehensive support programs offered through our English Language services, Title One services, and special education services.  Our special education services are inclusive and collaborative; LCES provides a continuum on special education services.  New for the 2015-2016 is a duet co-teaching initiative which will pair a regular education and special education teacher at each grade level.

In addition to providing an outstanding learning environment for children, LCES focuses on developing the "whole child."  Our core values at LCES are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  Staff and parent work collaboratively to instill these values into our children.  Our pupil service team, which includes a school counselor, school psychologist, school nurse, and police-school liaison, assist staff and parents in maximizing student learning and promoting school adjustment.

Finally, parent involvement and support are a critical component at LCES.  We have a strong Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) which plans many events for our children and families.  We encourage parent volunteers to assist in the classroom and have partnered with the PTO to organize parent volunteer activities.  We have a parent resource center, which computer access and parent reading materials.  We like parents to get to know us personally, to visit our school, and to be part of their child's education.

If you have any questions about LCES or if you would like additional information, please call (920) 788-7610 or stop by the main office located at 901 North Grand Avenue, Little Chute, WI  54140.  You may e-mail question to jneubert@littlechute.k12.wi.us.  We would be happy to discuss the many things LCES has to offer.


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