In Memory of Dan Bongers
Mr. Dan Bongers 1952-2012


The Little Chute Elementary School Before and After School/Fox Cities Boys and Girls Club Partnership Program receives ongoing financial support through the very generous gifts of the family of Mr. Dan Bongers. Mr. Bongers, a resident of Little Chute, passed away in 2012. Dan is remembered as a kind and generous soul, who was always quick to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed. His friendship and gentle, humble, manner inspire still.

Back in the intitial planning stages of our partnership project, the committee to forge the partnership was in fact inspired and guided by Dan's memory. Mr. Dave Botz, District Administrator, recalls that during one meeting, one of the members remarked,  "....what  we are trying to do here is something Dan Bongers would have been supportive of...the only difference is that Dan would already have this partnership completed." This realization seemed to drive the project forward. The team's efforts took form....and the partnership is now celebrating its third year serving the children of Little Chute. 

And now through the Bongers Family's very generous ongoing support, and other gifts from our community partners, we are able to make an immediate difference in the lives of over 170 of Little Chute children and their families. Now in our third year, Little Chute children have a high-quality, before and after-school program that enhances their academic, social, and emotional well-being-- and, at a low cost for their parents. Parents are reassured to know their children are enjoying a safe place to work on the their homework after school, enjoy activities, and hang-out with their friends. This safe and supportive "wrap-around" environment is both comforting and convenient for parents and children alike.




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