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My name is Tim Van Eperen and I am the 5-12 Choral and General Music Teacher at LCASD. I have set my sights on bringing music to not only to our students, but to our community and beyond. As a graduate of LCHS, I have a deep connection to what we set out to do for our students every day. Regardless of their life journey, I believe that music offers a truly unique experience that allows students to develop 21st century skills and foster life-long learning.

"Throughout history, humans have utilized sound in various ways in order to capture emotions from within themselves; emotions that words alone fail to describe. Over the many years of its life, music has developed in ways that have continually exceeded the dreams of even the most brilliant of musical minds... Music itself has a unique quality in that it has the capability of making a person experience a unity of one's self. These life fulfilling moments seem to generate a sensation of connection to an individual's entire being. It is as if your life, in all of it's chaos, fell into place and aligned itself along with the world around you. In that particular way, huans have the opportunity to reach a further destination that is extended past simply enjoying the music. We awaken our selves through music" - Music Philosophy - Tim Van Eperen

Perhaps you are unconvinced of the power of music in our lives today. Maybe you sang in a choir in High School and didn't share in a transformative experience. Although these things may be true, I believe it is never too late to come to terms with what music is and ultimately who we are as people. Never. Stop. Listening.

It takes a community of people to raise a music program, so it is up to all of us to provide our students with what they deserve. Through our growth together, we can begin to shape our students' lives in unimaginable ways.


Below is a TED Talk video that showcases "the transformative power of classical music":



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