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Title One Reading Teacher
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The Title I reading program at Little Chute Elementary School is designed to help students improve their reading achievement in order to be a more successful learner in the regular classroom. In the Title I program, children will work in small groups in a variety of skill areas of reading where they may need additional improvement, including word recognition, comprehension, and fluency. Parent involvement is always encouraged and welcome in the Title I program. The very best way that parents can help their child is to read with the child on a regular basis at home, to help the child develop a love and understanding of reading and the reading process. Research shows that when parents and teachers work together, the growth in students is phenomenal. Each child will learn and grow in their own unique way, and parents and teachers need to cooperate to foster that development for the benefit of the child. I have been an elementary and middle school teacher now for nineteen years, and this is my ninth year teaching in the Little Chute Area School District. I have earned a master's degree in education with an emphasis in reading along with a reading specialist's license. I am also a literacy coach for the district, and am pursuing a licensure in educational leadership. I look forward to working with your students, and helping them to unlock the mysteries and joy of reading!

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