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    David Botz
District Learner Goals

Artistic Appreciator - A student who perceives the world's creative values as intrinsic and who understands that the application of design principles enhances their life.

Cooperative Societal Contributor - A student who shares their time, energies, and talents to improve the quality of life with their peers, school, and community.

Effective Communicator - A student who is able to decipher and assess information through reading, writing, speaking, and listening and who effectively demonstrates ideas through a variety of methods.

Global Cultural Participant - A student who is aware of local, national, and international issues and cultures; who can interact in a responsible manner and who understands how these interactions impact others.

Problem-Solver and Critical Thinker - A student who identifies, assesses, integrates, and uses available resources and information to reason, make decisions, and solve problems in a variety of contexts.

Participator in Personal Wellness - A student who is capable of taking action to achieve physical, mental, and social well being.

Self-Directed Learner - A student who sets priorities and achievable goals, creates options for themselves, monitors and evaluates their progress, assumes personal responsibility, and uses core values to create positive visions for their future.

Technology/Quality Producer - A student who uses advanced technologies to create practical, intellectual, and physical products, which reflect originality and high standards.



  • Little Chute Area School District
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